Mobility Implementation Plan


What are your plans for transportation and mobility?

miPLAN's committment to gathering broad public input resulted in a great deal of helpful data and information:

Over the next several weeks, a series of briefs will be made available which summarize key findings from the surveys and other fact finding. If you'd like to see the data for yourself, please click on one of the links above.

you've told us what you think, now we'll show you what we've distilled from this information.

Phase II of the process is well underway. Using the data gathered in Phase I, and continuing to look at modeling data, Phase II will provide an optimum mobility development strategy for different scenarios based upon population and land use.

Ultimately, miPLAN will result in suggestions to our community to best implement the changes desired, and to boost economic development while offering mobility changes that really fit your needs.

Your feedback is still appreciated, so be sure to share any ideas you may have.