Mobility Implementation Plan


miPLAN's purpose is to find out what mobility options Champaign, Urbana & Savoy wants as a community, both now and in the future.


This page provides the results from the Phase I & II miPLAN effort:

  • On-board survey
  • Boarding and alighting analysis
  • Neighborhood Transopoly
  • Employee e-survey
  • UIUC student e-survey
  • Working Paper: Boarding and Alighting Profile

Each of these reports can be downloaded at the right. A summary of all reports can also be downloaded:
"Final miPLAN Phase I Synthesis 12-07.pdf"

The CUMTD Very Small Starts grant application’s goal is to provide enhanced mobility choice, increase connectivity, and serve as the basis for development and redevelopment in the core of Champaign-Urbana. It will connect the two downtowns of Urbana and Champaign with the University of Illinois. This project builds on the community’s commitment to create a micro-urban environment that encourages a diversity of population, stimulates job growth, and supports a creative and dynamic community. Our goal is to help transform Champaign-Urbana into an even more vibrant micro-urban community.

View our preliminary grant application.

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