Mobility Implementation Plan


miPLAN's purpose is to find out what mobility options Champaign, Urbana & Savoy want as a community, both now and in the future, and then craft a plan to bring those options to fruition.

When you think about travelling in the future, do you think Jetsons-style spaceships or Disney's Futureland?

Whoa. Don't get ahead of yourself. There are a lot of travel options now that we as a community need to address.

  • Do you know what mobility options are currently available?
  • What kinds of transportation services do we want in our community right now?
  • And how will we want to move around in the future?
  • Once we decide these things, what will we need to change in order for us to bring our mobility goals to fruition?

how do you get from Here to There?

Do you walk, bike, drive, use public transit or taxi services? In the future, would you car-share, van pool, bike-share, use a motorized scooter or _________ (you fill in the blank)?

your ideas are being used to create a plan

miPLAN is a way for you to tell us what transportation choices you want and need. We've heard what you had to say, and now we're working on Phase II, the Action Plan of the process to create a workable mobility plan for Champaign, Urbana & Savoy's future.

when and how is this happening?

During the two and a half year miPLAN process there has been and will continue to be:

  • Ongoing dialogue with the public.
  • Rapid implementation of ideas, where possible.
  • Regular meetings of the miPLAN Implementation Committee or MIP-C